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I have suffered badly with anxiety over the past 6 years but thought that I had it under control. Pregabalin, Quitiapine, Trazadone, Diazepam and now Sertraline all help. I also use mindfulness which helps keep things under control but over Christmas I have been struggling. I lost my brother-in-law to cancer Jan 2014. A friend committed suicide, another died on the operating table I am now scared of 2015 and what it will bring. My anxiety has been building and I have noticed that I am agitated most of the time. I want to stop it getting out of control again.

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Hi there

You are in the right place to talk about this.

First things first, you have been through a lot. That has to be acknowledged.

But because something happened, it does not mean it could happen again. While you are entitled to think what may go wrong, you also need to believe things will improve. Have you ever heard a song go 'things can only get worse' ? :-)

The loss of someone from your life is tough and needs to be acknowledged. Did you ever think about how those losses made you feel? I have lost close relatives and it hurt badly even a year on. I have learned to deal with that hurt and these days I still think of those people but smile for the good times with them.

I hope this helps you. Happy to listen more.


Thank you. I find it difficult to sit with my emotions in case I lose control, this in itself generates anxiety. I have been trying to reduce medication, with doctors, and do not want to increase it.


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