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To all of you anxiety/depression sufferers out there,

It makes me so upset to see how many of us struggle with this horrible condition that we have no control over. I have been an anxiety sufferer for about 5 years now and i am appalled at the lack of help that is out there.

I believe mental health is overlooked and there really isn't sufficient help available to us sufferers. I want to do something about it and wanted to ask you all, What in your opinion would help you with treating anxiety? What do you want to see happen? Is there anything specifically that you think would aid you in getting better, no matter how silly it might sound (I used to want someone to look after me all the time, sort of like a carer) i want to hear your views and opinions. I want to know what helps each of you to cope with it, as i'm aware that anxiety differs from person to person.

I am getting increasingly sick and tired of SOME doctors acting as if it isn't a big deal, they overlook your condition and with my recent visit said to me 'do some exercise' - this is not helpful to someone who already exercises and has been suffering for 5 years. I have never personally had a good experience with an NHS doctor to date, (although some of you may have) i've had to go through private healthcare which sadly isn't an option for most.

Mental health conditions are continuously taking lives, people give up, people don't know how to cope anymore. This needs to stop. It makes me upset to see regular posts of pleading for help on this website, i want to sit down and reply to you all but realistically this can't be done.

Please let me know of anything that you think would help you, and what you want to see change. I want to gather as much research as possible, this is something i feel very strongly towards and i've been inspired by a recent talk i attended to get up and do something about it. I want to help and i want to improve mental health care for us all.

I want to hear everyone's stories to gain a better understanding on how different this condition can be for us all. Have you shared any similar experiences with doctors? Good, or Bad? Who has ever given you the best advice?

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My anxiety started from a early age but it really wasnt until i wasin my early teens that the anxiety got worse. When i was 8, i was late for school one day. I got told off by the teacher and because i have another disorder that renders me socially inept it must have made me believe that i must always be on time. Because of my other problem, i find it hard to make friends but when i do i am so trying to please them that i get anxious if it isnt working (to me). I was diagnosed with ASD. Im not weird. And an anxiety disorder that i think was diagnosed as social anxiety. I really just want to fit in. But i was diagnosed at age 15/16 when i was having a lot of problems. Over the years, i really have tried to keep the anxiety in check, i really have but there have been a few blips that unfortunately the best way ive found to deal with it is to self harm. Ive had a difficult past year. I have a recurring health issue that i had to have surgery for, i had to put my studies on hold at university whilst recovering, go back into uni, make friends, deal with a loss of a family membee and now the recent disaster of getting so anxious about attending graduation that i was physically intimidated, physically hit, embarrassed and hurt by an instigation by a **** of a stranger when i was distresses and all in tears . Thank god for my university support as my parents, mainly my mother clearly didnt care.

And im now feeling low from it all.

Ive had interesting experiences with medical staff. I have had some understanding therapists and although the many strategies that theyve given me have had mixed to no results but tbh they dont really focus on the anxiety issue. Its more "oh, whilst we have some time we can give you some pills for anxiety or write everything down" yeah because that will really help! It just feels that with the anxiety they have no idea how to actually help. They think that one size fits all strategies or they dont care. :/

Also,my problem is the lack of support from the people who should really try to understand and support you. My parents, mainly mum since dad at least tries if he is around, have always not understood, my mum will actually mock me. Tell me to snap out of it. To stop being silly since we all get anxiety. When i was younger she made me feel like i was r£!arded because i wasnt perfect like the other children. So i guess more education for empathetic stunted parents or other family members.


Hi there,

So sorry to hear about your struggle. It's scary how many of us there are that seem to be suffering from anxieties and other mental health issues.

I can relate to people not understanding and i 100% agree there should be more education around the topic, a lot of people don't really understand it, even if they say they do. I have found this with friends, a few family members and some doctors too.

You are not silly for having anxiety or acting in the way you do, and please never think this :) It is so common now a days and people don't tend to open up about it so the true figure of how many people actually suffer from it is unknown! People sometimes see it as embarrassing or are ashamed of how they are, but we really shouldn't think this way. If anything we are strong for fighting it every day!

You are an amazing person, never let others make you feel any differently. You should be proud of yourself for opening up to people on sites like this, it takes a lot of bravery to do!

I'd love to hear more about your symptoms and struggles, perhaps we can talk in more detail over personal messaging? :)

Here for a chat any time :)!

Keep strong, you can do this!


If you like to take it to pm then thats fine.


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