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Very high anxiety and weird periods!

Hi guys sorry I am generally quite a strong person and although I have lived with GAD since I was a child I still have them times in life I just lapse and everything I normally do to stay calm or get by just doesn't work. Im driving myself mad the past few months as my periods seem to be taking an age to get going and the more I worry the longer it takes, tbh they've been weird for a lot of years, they always come every month but take an age to get going, I keep telling myself that its normal for me, but im focused on this one issue every moment of the day now, my mind just wont settle, because I had a really bad health ocd in my late 20's for many years and lately I seem to be lapsing and looking up every bit of knowledge on the internet of which I haven't done for years, as I was addicted to health topics I had to be treat a bit like a drug addict and be weaned of in cold turkey, and im not suppose to go on at all, so I now feel like a complete failure and ive let myself down AGAIN! Im a bit in turmoil though as I keep thinking im avoiding things so its a bit like a no win situation, sorry my mind is racing at the moment. So pleased this site exists, the one place I feel I don't have to explain my self or be judged, thankyou Dee

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Hey , nobody judges you at all. We all have issues and hence we here . Try counselling it makes wonders. My partner is doing this now for depression and is really helping. I have mild OCD which I know is my mental disorder and now Alps suffer from anxiety. I think I need to go and talk to specialist because I think sometimes I am going crazy . Speak to your doctor and get help.


Hi Dee

You may have already tried but CBT worked well for me. I am terrible for googling symptoms and I too have times where I am good and don't do it and then I slip. That's the problem with Anxiety it does creep up on us just when we think we are controlling things again.

My periods have been 'Messed up' for nearly 2 years now. Irregular pain / bleeding . I have had several medical proceedures and even a operation afret which they diagnosed me with endometriosis which is a relatively harmless condition however when I have some of the symptoms of this I am back online googeling what else it could be. It may be worth seeing your GP tho and seeing what help they can offer xxx


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