Keeping a diary

Hi all, hope I find you all well

I've been keeping a diary for the last week and aim to keep it going as long as my symptoms persist.

I'm making it as brutally honest as I can with some very colourful language that really is how I am feeling. Hopefully it doesn't become a long drawn out diary (the quicker it finishes the faster I've gotten over the anxiety) lol

If anyone would like I would be happy to share it although as I said it may not be suitable for most on here.

Symptoms are still persistent and varying I've started getting a burning sensation under my skin now and sometimes when I wake I have prickly hands and feet, this all adds to the other symptoms I have been having.

Just wanna feel normal now!!!

Anyway thanks for the opportunity to vent my anxiety it definitely helps.

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  • hey, undesirable? a bit too harsh.. anyway i think that keeping an honest diary could be helpful, just remember you are NOT your symptoms.

  • Hi thanks for the reply,

    The name is in no way an indication of how I feel lol its just a nickname I gave myself for this site.

    Hope your well and thanks again for taking the time to answer me

  • thanks, i used to be not well at all and i started yoga with Teacher, i am not with her by the way any more. She taught me a lot though. majority of it was about empowering yourself.

  • Hi,

    I too keep a diary, which my CBT therapist gave me. I have found a lot about myself in writing my deepest thoughts. xx

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