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Burning Stomach

I have been nauseous and dizzy the past couple days. Last night I had very bad stomach pain while eating. It went on for hours and my lower back hurt as well. I went to the doctor they did a urine test which came back normal but she ordered 2 ultrasounds for my stomach and I've had these 2 ultrasounds in the past. I'm getting nervous because my stomach felt like it was burning about an hour after I ate tonight, any info or comments would be really appreciated.

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I've had that this week as well and I went to the doctor and all blood work was normal. It could be something as simple as IBS which is common with anxiety. Anxiety can bring on a TON of symptoms.



You should always get things checked by your GP. However I suffer from the most horrendous burning in my stomach as if someone has just set it alight. Countless trips to A&E, scans, cameras and tests nothing was found. It is apart of my Anxiety/Panic. I do breathing techniques. It takes a lot of practice and after a while it works. It is a kind of coping mechanism for me now. Instead of having a Panic Attack over a crippling burning stomach I can stop it in about 10 minutes. So I know it is my anxiety causing it. Breathe in slowly for the count of four, making sure your stomach rises, hold for the count of four, then breathe out to the count of four. Like I have said it takes practice and might not work at first if you are very anxious about it. Concentrate on your breathing and counting whilst doing it. It is a great distraction. You can incorporate this anywhere, when you first start though do it lying on your back. Hope this helps. Take care.

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