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colon cancer

I have a bad feeling I have colon cancer thin stool weight loss acid reflux pain in hips abdomen discomfort,Crawling sensation near anus :(. All signs signalling colon cancer

I am just 23 with no family history of colon cancer I know odds are against but still I am suffering this from past 1 and half month now consulted 2 doctors had digital rectum exam stool test all came back negetive have been suspected for IBS, But I have a very strong feeling it is cancer :(

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I have nearly most of them symptoms on a regular basis, when you believe you have something wrong with you start to develop all the symptoms, I've been beliving Im having internal bleeding for the past 6 months and every tests came back normal. In my opinion I think it is anxiety what's causing it.hope this helps xxAmy xx


Ive had almost all of those symptoms at one point or other , not always all together. Anxiety can cause loss of apetite and therefore weight loss. Youve gotta think logically about it otherwise you'll be caught in a downward spiral


If you're eating the same as you always do and losing weight then that can be a problem. But not an immediate link to Cancer.

The main "red flag" for that sort of cancer is rectal bleeding or change in colour of stool.

Ive had fresh blood at my back end and began to panic, but after a visit to the doctor and a digital examination im happy to take his word for it that I had some small lesions.

Yea the thought does creep back into my mind every now and then but i realise it's unlikely, a possibility, but unlikely.

Ive let the fear of Cancer ruin my life for months now, I lost my mum to cancer 8 years ago which is probably the cause of my overpowering fear of it. Ive come to realise that if your body is going to develop it there's nothing you can do apart from stay vigilant and any signs that develop to get them checked out straight away. Worst thing is to Google and second guess doctors but I know the feeling once you have an idea in your head.

Easier said than done I know but try to stay calm and if it really bothers you that much your best bet is to go back to the doctors and ask to be referred to a colo-rectal specialist that has the tools to investigate further

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I am eating normally as usual though i m stressing alot these days but I have continuous irritation near anus and I have seen tiny blood spots in toilet tissue paper also my stool is shape size color vary every day I don't have any abdomen pain as such but I have problem with acid reflux and gas


Im no doctor so I couldn't comment further on symptoms but ive had much the same, I know that's no comfort to you although stool test coming back negative should be some relief.

As already mentioned if you're still concerned then you'll need to voice those concerns to a doctor hopefully they can help.


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