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Bad heart or general anxiety?

Anyone get a dull ache on the left side of the chest behind nipple? basically where you can feel your heartbeat. is this a general anxiety symptom? I haven't had it for a while on and off. last night I went out and had a few to drink and smoked a few cigarettes as my E-cigarette run out (gave up last week) so I'm slightly hungover. is this a symptom of Angina? the sensation does not radiate or spread to any part of my body and is just confined to that one area. Have had several EKG's and had a doc listen to my heart a few month ago.

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It sounds like your doctor may have had ruled out a bad heart but seeing a doctor again won't hurt. I personally have had the same thing and usually stress is the culprit. Hard to say if the drinking and smoking is connected but you could be slightly dehidrated.


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