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Waking in a sweat

Hello everyone, I'm new here and looking for support and advice so thank you for reading this post. I have been suffering from anxiety and depression for the last two years. I have experienced a number of unpleasant symptoms the latest being that I wake every morning drenched in sweat. If I wake in the night, I am fine this only occurs as I come to fully in the morning . Does anybody else experience this? I should probably add that I am slowly tapering down the dosage of Pregabalin I am on. My doctor does not think this is causing the sweats but I am interested in other people's experience of this. Many thanks.

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I think you're right to ask your doctor about the sweating, because it can be a sign of an infection. If the doctor has ruled that out, though, it sounds like the kind of thing that can be brought on by anxiety. Do you remember having a nightmare or anything like that before you wake up?

Also I'm sure you've thought of this, but does your room get the sun in the morning, or do you have the heating set to come on just before you wake? That might explain why you're not sweaty if you wake during the night, but you are sweaty when you wake in the morning. (My heating isn't very good so during the winter my bedroom gets boiling hot in the morning, just so the rest of the house can be a reasonable temperature.)


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