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so everytime i feel like im getting ontop of my life and things are getting better the week before my period comes round and i come crashing back down. i was feeling great last week new house , i quit weed in august after 10years and really proud of myself for that i don't smoke cigarettes anyway and i only drink at special occasions . i got my deposit back off my old house and this ones with the council so for once i had the money to do my house up, i got carpets wallpaper and did out the living room. then i found out my granddad had passed away, he's had dementia/Alzheimers for around 5years and been in a home for 3 so i was sort of happy he wasn't confused and alone anymore, and i stayed positive and kept going with the house, id stupidly lent my partners parents 130pound out of my house money to tax there car because they were relying on us to ferry there under 5's too and from school, *30odd miles in total . 3 trips a day because the youngest finishes at 12 and oldest at 3! and the day after i found out my grandad had passed away was the day i was meant to get the money back. it never came, his dad hadnt been payed, i even took that well , as well as i can i had a grumble but i didn't hurt myself i didn't run away, i was fine at the funeral. i was ok. now how come i can cope with all that these days but the week before my period comes and i cant even go out alone or get out the car and go 2meters into a shop? i cant do anything it seems, all i'm good for is sitting in bed crying, i'm so snappy i criticize everything that gets said, i dnt know what i want or what i'm doing , i feel like butting the walls, or curling up in a ball n butting the floor. everyone is wrong and i'm thinking it really isnt that i'm any different in what i'm thinking i just lack the ability to keep my opinions and thoughts too my self they just blurt out. i think if ppl wernt so fecking stupid round me i might be ok, but i just tell everyone as it is , when it is! and they cant handle that! i don't have any medication they put me on fluoxetine and quetepine for about 4years but i would take it n then forget n then take it n it made it worse, i just cant handle my own hormonal changes it seems and i dont know what to do anymore , i think i should just go away for a week to save them the trouble. sick of people shouting at me cause i'm snappy and confused.

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hi littlemouse , my sympathies at the loss of your Granddad.

but well done for giving up weed!

does your gp know about these period problems? it's possible you have PMS and he can help you if you do &/or investigate your problem.


hamble :)


Please see your gynecologist.


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