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Hearing things is it anxiety?

Ok so in the last 10 months ive had so many traumatic events that have led me to have bad health anxiety i used to be pretty bad to the point i wasnt eating i was dizzy all the time i was having intrusive thoughts and little by little i felt i was getting a hold of my anxiety i started eating better i even started going out with friends but i dont know what happened that a few days ago the dizzyness came back and i had a panic attack yestarday wich i hadnt had one in about 3 months and well i feel in going crazy herea why ? I was watching the news yestarday and i heard how they think 10 ppl are or could be contaged with ebola and that it could be kids so i said ok and started back on my phone i forgot about it until at night my husband gets home from and turns on the news im trying to go to sleep but i heard the same news coverage about the ebola all of a sudden an image of kids came to my head and i swear i heard them laugh that has never happen to me i mean ive heard the someone calling my name once in a blue moon who doesnt but that of an image in my head and hearing that had never happen could this be anxiety or am o going crazy ?? Plz some one help

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