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Huge heart thump has me terrified!

Hi everyone! I ha been dealing great with my anxiety in general. I have been doing meditation and exercise etc. I feel that my anxiety levels have been low (fairly non existant) for the last 2 weeks or so. Until tonight.... I was just sitting in the car and suddenly I got massive thud in my chest. So big that I made me jerk a bit! Tgis has scared me so much and brought all my fears about my heart back to the surface. Is this thud thing common amongst anxiety sufferers?

Any advice would calm me down just now. Thanks!

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I haven't experienced that, I've felt mine beating hard for a short time.

it's a bit quiet here at the moment, hopefully someone might be able to help you tomorrow.

well done on the meditation!

I hope you feel calmer now and manage to sleep tonight.


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