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Hi all,

I have been following the posts and all the symptoms described sound exactly like mine. I have a question though, is it possible to feel anxiety without actually "feeling" it ? It's like I don't feel like I am anxious, I haven't had the panic attacks for a while now, but I am always light headed, not dizzy anymore, just feeling outside if myself, can't concentrate really. I can't work now, have resigned from my job, Dr prescribed citalopram but I only took it for two days. Hate the way I felt, like nAuseous and spaced out. I don't feel I am bad enough to have to take the meds, I am trying to get through this with prayer etc... Living alone is also scary. I try to go out a lot and hang out with friends, even though I am always so paced out and light headed. Today my lower lip started twitching, anyone else has this.?

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  • I feel ya. I used to have this and leave the house, now i just struggle to get in the car. You can be anxious without being conciously aware of it. I myself am terrified of getting sick and passing out and i want meds, i just dont know if theyll help. I hate side effects and have trekked through hell for two months doing everything!

    -went to doctors

    -taking supplements

    -drove hours away to a really powerful church

    -got baptized

    -had deliverance prayer

    -tried to force myself out of the house

    -Talked privately with someone who has recovered

    -stopped caffeine

    -Stopped sugar

    Seriously! The only thing i havent tried is meds. I hear endocrinologists might be better to see for hormones and stuff, as imbalances can make you feel light headed.

  • i have been on citalopram for 7 wks now the first 4 were horrendous but is now starting to work for me hang in there it will get better u just have to keep faith and believe u r going to get better and we will p.s isuffer from anxiety and panic attacks due to a heart attack 18 mnths ago once again stay strong and believe in yourself and u willcome out ofit good luck

  • Thanks for the replies, i decided to start CBT training from hope this is going to help. I really need to beat this.

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