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here I go again......... i'm so sick of this

since lastnight my feet was sore my buttocks was paining , then the evening it stopped now today i feel like i have no energy i just feel numb..... i have this stupid feeling on my scalp like its also a numb feeling it goes all over one spot then the other... then in my leg i feel like a bubble like when blood struggles to go through then i feel it in my arm then tummy like a bubble im at wok now im so depressed and frustrated i cannot deal with this today.. ive been okay for a while now im feeling like this i cannot deal someone please talk some sense into me i just feel so depressed scared and crap!

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Hi Angel Pie

You have answered your own question. You said you feel so depressed and scared and crap. The problem is when you start to worry about feelings and sensations in the body you are feeding your anxiety and that is then going to make you feel like crap. Calm down for a second and try and get it into perspective.

Firstly anxiety causes the scalp to feel like there is a pressure on top of it, everyone experiences this slightly differently some people say it is like wearing a cap, some say it is a numb spot others say it feel like an area of their head has been removed etc. The problem is when we are anxious our scalp tenses and this causes weird and wonderful sensations in the head area. Anxiety will make you more attuned to what is going on in your body so will start to notice every little weird and wonderful sensation that is going on. This in turn can trigger off a panic attack because you will start worrying there is something wrong. The panic and fear will exaggerate the feelings and it can start to feel like you are really ill.

If you are at work try and take a break sit down relax and take some deep breaths and say to yourself it is only the anxiety making me feel like this. This is what happens to anxiety sufferers. It is nothing serious. Deep breathing helps.

If you are getting these kind of symptoms and anxiety on a regular basis go and speak to your GP about it. They can recommend you to therapy which can really help.

I hope your working day gets better. Remember you are not alone in these feelings.

Take care :)


Hi Dimitri,

Thanks so much for your response... its much appreciated... iv'e really taken in what you've just said and i will practice that on a daily basis :) thank you so much!!!

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