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Can't sleep :-(

Hi everyone it's binky noo , anyone still awake , my ears are ringing , I feel a bit dizzy , I do have a water infection maybe this is the reason . Sat here scared my lil boy is asleep , don't want to wake him. Feel shaky , I was given some zopoclone to help sleep in alternate nights tonight my night without it ? Not doing good , but when took it last night , my mum stayed. Binkynoo

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God that sucks, a similar thing happened to me. I feel you. All I can say is drink lots of water and do something to take your mind of it, ie: watch something like Netflix, TV, YouTube; Read a book; listen to music; draw; or write a short (or long) story. Also if your hot, put on a pair of wet socks, that really helps :) xxx Doodle xxx


Oh just thought of something else that has helped me in the past....wrote down exactly what and how you are feeling. By writing it down it takes away the control the anxiety has...aww how old is the lil one?


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