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should i be worried ?

Hi recieved letter today after having a 7 day holter early in june , still waiting for appoinment for echo. said i have sinus Rhytham throughout, guess thats good and one couplet and isolated ventricular ectopic and short runs of narrow complex tachycardia. i was reffered to him because of palps and i take propanol daily for General anxiety disorder must say they dont seem to be rushing my tests

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Hi Molly :-) I can't give any real reply but didn't want you to think no one was paying attention. Maybe call and chase up the tests and any results? Explain it's making you more anxious waiting? Hopefully you will hear something soon


i agree with Evey.

but if they aren't rushing your tests, means it's also a good sign that it's nothing life threatening! :)


Thanks yea considering i saw consultant first march 6th and had ecg then i had to wait for holter and echo said to me well do all checks, because my brother as AF obviously i dont want to keep assuming its all aniety giving me palpations and had them for long long time but im age 61 so was getting worried being older is it still all inocent ? monitor went back afer 7 day on june 5 th and i didnt get copy of letter untill yesterday 11 th july. so now awaiting appoinment for Echo its all the waiting with NHS isnt it which doesnt help so good to get support on here thanks