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Pregnant and struggling with anxiety attacks

I'm completely new to this, and just hope it can help my understanding. I've recently become pregnant after suffering a miscarriage only a couple of months ago, and since finding out I've had difficulty breathing, dizziness and what I can only describe as motion sickness. I am struggling to go out in public for fear that something will happen and after speaking with my doctor, she has informed me that I am suffering from anxiety, something which I had dealt with for years when I was in secondary school. I don't suppose anyone else is going through a similar situation? I thought my anxiety had stopped years ago, and now I feel like a helpless child again.

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Hi RachelM1994

I am currently pregnant aswell and have been suffering with chronic anxiety to the point it's crippling me! I have been to a&e/ doctors so many times it's unbelievable and all the time same story anxiety! I have been suffering since I have been 15, when I feel pregnant with my first. Child it took all my anxiety away it was amazing I was free from anxiety for about to years then it hit me out of nowhere with a bang and once again I was crippled with panic/anxiety attacks. Then I fell pregannt and this time has been completely diffirent I am terrified! Constantly on edge can never relax always panicking I just don't understand why? But I have been referd to a CPN and health worker and I had some leaflets given to me and I found out that preganancy can either make your anxiety better witch it did for me the first time round. Or it can make it a lot worse with unfortunately has happend with this preganncy. I really do feel for you coz not only are you worrying about your own health your worrying about your u born child to. But you should go to your gp and ask them to refer u asap! So u don't have to go threw your ful preganancy panicking. There is tablets the can give u to help that are safe during pregnancy aswell if u would go down that route,, hope your feeling better and get the help you need xx


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