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Having a really bad day today

I am not having one of my best days today. Woke up with a sore head and it had progressed. I feel as if the right side of my head is all numb and keep getting tingling feelings in it,, I also feel as tho my face is swelling or drooping it's a weird sensation but it's not as I can clearly see in the mirror it isn't.. Also getting a lot of dizziness got flushes and feeling out of it as if I am not in my own body

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Oh, that sounds horrible. Hope it's improved by now?



Just because your face is not visibly drooping it doesn't rule out a mini stroke. I have had mini strokes or TIA's and I had numbness and pins and needles in my left side face, ear, nose, arm, leg and foot. Sometimes it was just the left side of my head only. My mouth did not droop. Take an aspirin and go to a&e or dial 101. You can't be too careful. I would mention it to your GP at the very least.


I went to doctors today and had my blood preassure done ect and everything fine pins an needles are away think it was just a migraine thank u x


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