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blood pressure readings high and low anxiety ?

hey guys just figured I will fill ya in in my bp readings so here they are

(day 1)-130 over 85 pulse 65..(9:00 am) -(12:07 pm)-120 over 73 pulse 79 (10:41PM) 104 over 66 pulse 72.

now I have been getting reading simaler to this and I asked my doc and he said with the home moniter measure 3 times and add your top numbers together and divide by 3 same with bottem diolostic . so I have been doing that and here are some of my readings

day 2 - (7:55 am) 129 over 81 pulse 72 (12:28 pm) 123 over 78 pulse 83 (10:48 pm) 95 over 64 pulse 70

day 3- (9:00 am) 128 over 85 pulse 88 (12:30pm) 106 over 69 pulse 78 (10:25pm) 95 over 66 pulse 61

day 4 -(8:00 am) 114 over 77 pulse 95 (1:00pm) 108 over 75 pulse 81(9:35pm) 111 over 72 pulse 71

day 5 - (10:06 am) 112 over 81 pulse 101 (12:45 pm) 98 over 71 pulse 105 (10:25pm) 120 over 64 pulse 71

day 6 - (8:55am) 118 over 71 pulse 72 (12:10pm) 105 over 66 pulse 78 (10:00pm) 114 over 62 pulse 64

I ran all of this by my docters and they said anxiety can spike your bp way higer than that im just getting a second opinion let me no what u guys think u guys has help me out so much and I thank u for that

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Your numbers actually appear great, even on the lower side of normal for bp, you seem to be physically fit as well with that resting heart rate. During an attack my heart rate will be over 100 and blood pressure in the 140s, and even that hasn't been cause for concern with doctors.


Personally I'd stay well clear of checking my own BP or pulse as I wouldn't know what was good, bad or indifferent and probably worry myself as it seems you have too.

Leave it to the trained health professionals.


Does normal bp readings vary with our ages i know young persons excerise heart rates are diffent to say. 60 year old? and think its same for blood pressure ? when im axious my bp can be high , but i wore a 24 hr monitor and my doctor went by the overall average ! it was always higher in the morning and lower at evening an during the night

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thanks guys the docter told me that I was over taking it to so I am going to give it a break I told him about the irregular heart beat symbol coming up and he said I am taking my bp way to much and with anxiety I will get that. that is really what was scaring me the heart beat symbol thanks again guys


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