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Who is on medication?which med helps?

Evening all,I'm currently thinking about going on medication for my anxiety/panic seeing a hypnotherapist which is helping but like anything is taking a while.and costing a lot money so my doctor suggested medication which I didn't want to take but feel like I may have too.and want to no if any1 else on medication and what works for them?also do you get addicted/rely on it and if you don't take it or stop taking it what happens?thankyou any advice would be great x

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I don't take meds anymore instead I rely on Mindfulness.

There're lots of websites on this such as Headspace.

Have a look at this, it could help you:) x


My doctor has put me on deizepam 2 mg a few weeks ago. I take them as when required so not every day :). They work very quick. For instance I was having the worst panic attack ever last week I took a tablet and within 15 mins I was lying in bed relaxed and chilled. People say you can get addicted to them but if you are sensible and take them when ness army you'll be fine :)


Hello, I have had a good experience with effexor. It took away severe depression and anxiety. The initial side effects were feeling a little restless, jaw clenching and I think heart palputations. The jaw clencing stayed but it was worth it. I am very sensitive to meds and recently and currently tried lexapro(cipralex) and Setraline (zoloft) both I hate. The only thing with effexor is when you try to go off the final dose it is hard. I could easily get down to 37.5 but getting off tgat was tough so I ended up taking 37.5 every second day just because. Good luck.


Thanks guys,il have a word with my gp about the meds you have mentioned and il look online. :)


For anxiety I have Klonopin which takes a while to kick in, but lasts longer than xanex, which helps very quickly. I am an alcoholic, in recovery, and I have never become addicted.


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