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Venlafaxine,is anbody on this med or has been on it?

Hi all this is my 5th day of Venlafaxine 75mg per day. So far no real side effects other than a dry mouth (feels like its coated in chalk UGH!) the last four days I have felt better than I have for months. other than today Iam a bit anxious but nothing like I was.

I was on citalopram then Sertraline,these were no good to me bad side effects, although the Sertraline wasnt as bad as the Citalopram. If any of you are on or have been on this med,could you let me know how you got on.

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Hi Lancia - no, I'venever been on it, glad it's helping though! The only thing i would say is be careful, I've known people who've been on it for years, and have had great trouble getting off it, so might be worth having a word with your GP as to how long s/he thinks you should keep taking it.

sorry, don't want to frighten you, love, but thought you should know!

good luck





hi yes ive been on venlafaxine 225mg for 6 years and seroquel 75mg but i have borderline personality disorder ,and G A D and other problems ..depends on your problem you will feel better they do wot there suppose to,as for coming off them depends on how long your on them for ...but ive got quite alot of knowledge of this medication and as your on a low dose,i wouldnt worry so much..and it takes about a week to get out ur system..but do check with your GP if u need mor info.

take care taz72


I've been on them for 6 years started at 75mg I've never needed to increase them. I have no side effects I believe they saved my life. My anxiety was so bad there were days I could hardly breath. I have no desire at this time to come off them I never want to experience the kind of anxiety I had before I started them again. Good Luck with them don't worry about coming off them just concentrate on getting well.


Have been on 300 mg of this drug for a year and it has been a miracle for me!! Tried many others, but, this is the only one that had any GOOD effects! Good luck!!


HI everyone, thanks for the responses, its good to know that it works. Good health to you all.



I was on this for years which helped me out of a bad bout so I had a positive experience with it. Good luck x


Hi thanks for the message. I do feel better & its only been 8 days what a difference! Hope it continues.



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