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Okay everyone so here's my story. I recently went thou through something traumatic and now have bad anxeity. I am constantly thinking about

Breathing and sometimes I get really bad Back and neck aches. I also will have my body get super super hot and I have been to the hospital and I am physically completely fine. Anybody else have something similar? And please if you have gotten a hold on your anxiety share with me. I need helping words.

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Hi AJ and welcome.

I too get pain in my back,arms and neck.Also the hot flashes.Its hard to cope with but it does pass,difficult to believe I know,but it does.

There are several apps you can download,,mindfulness and headspace,are helpful to me.I also walk,knit listen to music.Not an instant fix but helpful to occupy your mind and try and stop it going into overdrive.

Hope this helps x

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Yes I agree with Lowtongirl:)

I my self practice Mindfulness twice a day. It's a good way in getting back on track:) xx


Get the same to ebrn pins neddles in head sometimes doing night and daytimes .. meck shoulders same my anixerty gets me in thoat to ..not sure any one else had that feeking in thoat xxx


Yes I have totally had this feeling! Like it's a lump at the bottom of your throat!


Hi confusedAJ

I get bad back and neck and when I m anxious I get very hot/burning usensation in my chest and I start swetting,usually accompanied by fear,and worries.

I had a traumatic experience as well and I had those body sensation since then.

I ve benn referred to the post traumatic stress disorder,on waiting list...

It dipends by the trauma you ve had...


Yes it was every parents worst fear. You are probably suffering post traumatic stress syndrome. Its hard to get the diagnosis unless you served in the military. Have you been to a mental health MD? Oh btw i am in the USA.


I get severe back ache and sometimes neck pain I'm not sure how much is physical and how much anxiety. I try to cycle and walk and i read a lot. I also talk to friends and relatives and this really helps. I would try some of the apps recommended and see if they help.



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