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Anxiety attacks getting worse

I have had enough of these stupid feelings. I have lost half a stone cos I am too much of a mess to eat. I cant sleep. I cry most of the time. I have just changed doctors surgery. I saw him last week cos I had a soar throat but didn't want to discuss my issues as he was a new gp. I have an appointment tomorrow to talk to him. I phoned this morning and as he only does half days it emergency only but he will be phoning me up near the end of surgery. I just want to run away and die x

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Hi and welcome:)

First off, well done for calling the doctor.

If it helps, write down every thing you want to say to the doctor. Explain how you are feeling, ask about cbt and if you could be put on the waiting list.

There are lots of books such as overcoming worry... You can get it from Amazon.

There are websites that can help such as Headspace and

Hope this helps xxx

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