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Shaky, Jelly Legs


Does anyone experience the feeling of being shaky , bit like on the inside of your body? It's very weird cause my hands are not shaking that I can outwardly see, but I feel like I am shaking. And of course my jelly legs . Went to my dads yesterday, felt soo anxious the entire time and I am a little angry at "A" but mostly angry with myself for allowing it to happen. Another family get together where I disappear into the room because I can't handle being around anyone . Blah

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Hi I get it a lot, and its not a nice feeling, I think I'm gonna faint or samat is gonna happen, I don't go out cos of it x

Hi Roses. When my anxiety is at it's highest I experience that feeling too. My therapist says it's the fight or flight response and it triggers adrenaline in your body. It's not a fun feeling, but it can be managed.

Any time I feel that way I try and get up and move to burn off the adrenaline. Long walks really help my nerves calm down and the fresh air is also very helpful. I use to try and just lay there and let it pass and realized that it takes so much longer to pass when I do nothing. Give it a try next time you feel shaky and I hope it helps you too.

I get that all the time I believe its called internal tremors..I get them when I don't get enough sleep. Or I am really anxious.

Hi, I have that sensation even when I go out for shopping, could be anxiety, low sugar in the blood or low blood antidote for that?

I keep some sweets and snacks in my bag and if I feel shaky I am taking a bite to a kit kat or some jelly sweets, obviously are some examples that depends on your taste, but sugary stuff helps a lot...if you don`t have diabetes

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