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What does it mean if I can see exactly what is happening to me and how my character is being formed, yet can't do anything to change it?

I understand everything that is happening in my life and the person I am becoming yet it is as if I am just on a roller coaster and have no control! I thought that it was easier to combat an attack if you recognized the weapon being used, but I feel as if I have absolutely no control as I am being influenced and taught undesirable things. :(

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Hey there you don't go into much detail so I will just be guessing but I think it may be because you don't like the idea of not having someone ie. being on your own, so you try and adapt to whatever situation you are in. Allowing yourself to be controlled in this way can make you very vulnerable and indeed you may end up doing things you wish you had not done maybe because your boundaries and self confidence are low. You may be that kind of person who has always followed rather than led but not asserting yourself or your boundaries will lead to people taking advantage of you at some level and you will end up feeling like a victim eventually. So how about changing how you react now ?What is stopping you from speaking up or doing something about it?

Does any of this fit?



As said previously you don't go into much detail but it sounds as if you are making yourself very vulnerable. Perhaps it's time to sit down and assess what you want from life and perhaps what set yourself some limits. Sorry if this isn't helpful.



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