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Is this more serious form of forgetfulness?

Hi everyone!

I was driving home tonight with my lil ones when all of a sudden I had five seconds of confusion

I didn't know where I was going where I was and where I lived :(

Today was fun day at the pool

So I was tired and I've been having HA about my calf that still hurts :(

Coukd that have caused it?

Has it happened to any of you?

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Hi there & nice to meet you

I can identify with this, my mind just goes into overload & I can't function for the simplest if tasks

and joking aside I forgot my own name the other day & last week my date of birth

My mind is so over active with all the negative rubbish in it that it seems to block out proper information that I need

It's exhausting

You've said that you were tired & anxious, that's got a lot to do with the moment of confusions as we are focusing on the anxiety so much

We are aware of these moments so it's nothing to worry about, think we all need to slow down as the pace of life is hard going .... easier said than done tho :)

Lesley x

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Hi Lesley!

Sorry for the late reply :(

Thank you for responding oh my your name and date of birth hopefully you were not embarrassed?

It's scary it happens more frequently now it's unsettling :(

Hopefully it's just that I'm overwhelmed

What helps you calm down from a scare like this without thinking the worst?




Hi yaz

How are you doing?

Forgetting my name last week to be honest was understandable as I'm recently divorced & gone back to my maiden name so that's my excuse for that


Yup - I have 'silly turns' too. I go upstairs and by the time I'm there I've completely forgotten why I went up!


Hi Bramwell

Thank you for responding!

Sorry for late response :(

Lol that's me constantly and then I think "I'll stay here till I remember" I forget go back to original place and remember what I had forgotten :/

The joys of foggy minds :)




Hi Yaz:)

Yes I've had spells of forgetfulness.

Last week for instance;

Picking my daughter and friends up from school, drove home, pulled into the drive, realised I still had daughters friends in the back!

I had to phone the mums and tell them, they thought it was hilarious !!:)

Please don't worry, it happens at times:)

Take care xxx


Hello yummimummi!

Sorry for the late reply and thank you so much for the laugh and reply :)

Lol wow that really had me laughing then I thought "oh my karma well get me!"

I'm glad you had a laugh with it, and your right I shouldn't worry and just roll with it right?




Yep I have been doing this to thought I was losing my mind my health fears and the stress I am putting on my myself are taking over my mind and yep I do the same forget stuff a bit lately


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