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From Alprazolam to Ativan



I started using Alprazolam 0.5 just a little under 3 months ago because I was light headed (24/7) and short of breath. It all started after I stopped using nerve pain medications (Gabapentin 300 and Lyrica 50 in that order for 4 months) whch for some reason my body wasn't asking for it so I stopped. The next day I had my first experience with anxiety and days after that light headed 24/7 and short of breath once daily. Just one small dose of Alprozalam 0.5 took away the breath problem and even 80% less light headed. This didn't last long so my Doctor increased my dose to Twice daily 0.5 but the XR version which suppose to last 12 hours. Well, at night it helped a little but on day time is didn't. It was like taking 0.25mg which really didn't help me much. Yes, in my opinion if you take Alprazolam 0.5 and its resealed into your system in 12 hours instead of 6 it will be equal to taking 0.25. Well, just saw my Doc again today and he changed it to Ativan 1mg, up to 4 times daily. WOW, that 4 times what I was taking with Alprazolam. I told him I did not agree with that amount and he said that I needed that amount to make any difference. He said I had the option to take it 3 times daily if it worked for me. Well, I told him I will start with 1/2 pill and if it didn't work I will go up to the 1 he suggested. Still I'm very concerned, one of the questions I asked him if this pill will not make me sleepy and he said no. I checked and this pill is slightly less addictive than Alprazolam but is also sedative which makes you drowsy and is only good for short periods of time (2 months or less). He will see me again in 1 week just to make sure this is working for me which concerns me as well because this is not meant to be taken for long periods of time, right? I also asked him for therapy which he did not support because it could take 6 months or more to get better and asked him for supplements that will help me instead of taking all these addictive medications which he also didn't support. So far I have not had a panic attack because the lack of air and light headed is all the time, so he said I have anxiety disorder. Any comment or feedback is appreciated. If you know of any medication that is good for this and not addictive I will appreciate your input. I just feel like getting some GABA, B6, Magnesium and theanine and try it before I take more medications. ;-(

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Hi pap :-) sorry can't comment on the meds you take. I take amitriptiline which isn't addictive as far as I can tell. I used to take this for over 2 years and due to feeling better I stopped, it does have some withdrawal symptoms but If you come off them slowly it's ok. I'd keep on at your dr and if they are not willing to refer you to therapy see if there is a self referral somewhere. My city has it's own referral place called single point of access. It does take 4-6 months for an appointment but it's worth waiting for. In the meantime try an app called headspace :-) many on here have tried it.

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Thanks Evey37, I took Amitriptiline for my nerve damage as well but had to change because I had some side effects. I will look into headspace. ;-)


Lack of vitamin D can really mess you up. Get a blood test to see if that could be your problem.

Thank you Rock! Actually, 10 months ago just 1 month before all my health problems started ( not anxiety, that started 3 months ago) I was low on Vitamin D3. My PCD told me to take one 1000mg daily which I did for a few days and then stopped. I do take a blood test every 6 months but never did ask for a D3 update. Just last week i asked my new PCD to check my D, B12, Magnesium and anything that he believe could be the reason for my light headed 24/7. Hopefully this Saturday I will have it done. Its funny how every other health issue got better the last 3 months, HBP, IBS, Nerve Damage and Sinus. Right now out of those 4 I only take a low dose of Amlodipin 5.0 which my cardiologist said she will cut in half if I continue to have control over my BP which has been the last 3 months around 124 over 77 on the average and nasal spray for sinus.

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