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not been here for a while - but I have hope to share

How is everyone (old and new)?

After my second fight with anxiety over the past year I think I'm (mostly) winning - it's not that it goes away it's just about having something stronger...Anyway after the quick succession of seeing one elderly family friend (well cousins nana) have her legs amputated and losing the OH nan on my 30th birthday I'd decicided that having wasted a good five years of living to these two fights with anxiety that enough was enough - and being 30 now - I should do something on my list before I was really incapable or dead. So on the 14th of May me and the OH flew out the country (2 flights) to Tulsa Oklahoma so I could go to the members only Hanson day celebrations (17 years a Hanson fan - don't judge ;) ) ....We came back on 21st, still cannot believe I did it...had a couple of shaky moments but it was largely the good kind of tummy flips rather than the bad :)

I leave a photo of the OH for your amusement. Hope everyone can find something stronger than the anxiety - even if it's only for a bit.

Good luck all


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Hi Sam

Its great to read your post & update & that you are in such a good place :-)

I have wondered how you were

Oh you did make me laugh when you finished your post by saying you had left a picture of your OH for our amusement , I did think I wonder if he knows :D

Take Care





Hi sam, sounds like a great holiday and the pic made me :D xx



You must be so proud of yourself, well done, and love the pic. xx


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