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Flying tomorrow....can anyone recommend any anti anxiety techniques?

I have to fly - on my own - from Spain to Scotland tomorrow and I'm not good with flying, I'm dreading it. I've got my iPad and I've put a relaxation app on it and various games but I'm so scared if there is turbulence. Can anyone help with any other techniques to help me stay calm and relaxed. Thanks in advance x

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Maybe I m not

the right person to help you cause when I fly I take tablets to sleep like diazepam(just cause I'm claustrophobic,Not scared of height or turbulence).But if we have to be rational you have to consider that weather is very nice both in Spain and across Europe is unlikely it will be any turbulence...Also relaxation app is very good,I think you re doing the right thing.

Be positive and think that you can do it and also you have to!Pull yourself togheter and talk in a kind a positive way to yoursf

Good luck


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