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Hypnotherapy really helping!

Hi every1,haven't been on here a while,but wanted to say how well hypnotherapy has helped me so far and would recommend to any1.myself I decided not to go on medication as didn't want too,and wanted to get the route problem of my anxiety.which I have and after 9 sessions I am a lot better!not 100% yet but compared to what I was its a transformation.hopefully not to many more sessions and i would have forgot all about anxiety and panic attacks after a long year.if any 1 wants to no any more feel free to ask.hope all is ok with every1.xx

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Hi Porgie.

It's always nice to see a good news story, I am so glad hypnotherapy has worked for you. I have heard a few members say they would like to try it. Stay positive.



Well done I am currently having hypnotherapy and it's really helped me with my anxiety,it might not work for everyone but I went in with the mindset it was going to work,I take propanolol and I've reduced my meds right down now thanks to the work that my hypnotherapist has done for me x


Hi Porgie,interesting post,as I have just had my second session of hypnosis ,I find its helping,but after the second one ,Ihad a massive panic attack,later that night,I phoned him and he said it was me releasing my tension,and it was a good thing,well it was horrible,ended up at the DR,as it was the worst one ever had,been anxious since,and had a smaller one tonight,do you think this is normal,or should I stop going to him,he is a lovely man,and seems geniune,I would like your opinion on this Miarose xxxx


Hi, have the effects of the hypnotherapy lasted still?


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