I came up with a realization why my ex broke up with me. I'm so fat and ugly that he cheated on me with another girl in a different state. That's how ugly and fat I am. That he literally couldn't stand being with me that he wanted a escape out. Then now I have a FWB whose really attractive and I'm to fat and ugly to be with him at all so I suggested FWB. Now no how much I like him it won't matter bc he won't feel the same bc I'm to fat and ugly. He will find another girl whose prettier and skinner than me and be with her bc that's his type. Not a fat ugly girl like me. In my head all I hear is "ur so fat and ugly!" "Ur so fat and ugly that ur ex cheated on u with another girl" you'll always be alone. No one will want u. No one will ever want someone so ugly and fat. That's all I hear in my head. I cut myself bc my body is so disgusting and my face is so ugly that no one will want me so who cares. I just want to be skinny and pretty. I just wanted to get that off my chest. Sorry about the long paragraph.


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  • Hi, there is no excuse for cheating. If he decided your relationship was over, he should have finished with you and then moved on. You did nnot drive him into cheating. He did that.

    When a life event goes wrong it's a normal (but wrong) reaction to find fault with ourselves. You feel fat and ugly and blame yourself for his behaviour, He cheated. He was responsible for that.

    I don't know why your relationship ended, but please don't shut yourself off from life.

    when you feel ready, you may find that you want to have a friendship or relationship again. Don't let the past spoil your future.

    regards, and a hug (( :) ))


  • Thank us so much for responding. I just been thru so much stuff and I just can't take it anymore.

  • Don't blame yourself like that, you don't need someone who takes you for granted in your life. Like many things in life we have choices. Please think of all the positive things you have to offer. Don't belittle yourself, be proud of you because you are unique.

    I was overweight for most of my life and a year and a half ago I was finally tired of it. I wanted to love myself inside and out, I made choices to be a better version of me, for me and no one else. Now I am 50lbs lighter and healthier that I ever was. I'm active and proud of my determination and willingness.

    Love yourself. Don't let anyone change you unless you want the change. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself with appreciation. I've dealt with a lot too and I've realized that I have to love myself, be kind to myself and treat myself good... because how can I expect someone else to do that if I am not willing to do it for myself.

    Please know that you are not alone and I hope you see your own beauty just as I saw mine.

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