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Who Want's a Takeaway

Hi People,

My life has adopted it's usual phase, and I find myself struggling against depression and anxiety.

How to solve this. A virtual dinner party.

Please advise if you wish to attend. I have instructed my staff to look at a Tuscan Menu tonight, I trust this will cater for all tastes, however please advise if you have any special dietary requirements.

For those who have never been invited to one of my candle light suppers, I live in a penthouse with wonderful views of the Solent and have an extensive wine cellar.

Also to those in contact a certain Will-i-am and partner are invited automatically.


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Invitation happily accepted! If Will's going, then I certainly shall. What's the dress code?

I have an idea. How about having a relaxed dress code, but entry is only permitted on receipt of a smile. Anyone caught during dinner with any semblance of a frown would be subject to a forfeit. Just the act of trying to smile whilst chewing food might present a few problems, but it would certainly make me giggle. What do you think? Xx


Hi 1b4bed I would love to join especially as I have never tried Tuscan before :o)


Hi 1b, sounds a great idea,though think I may have missed it as your invite was put on yesterday! Lol. I'm up for the next one though. I may throw that one. How about Italian? Everyone must leave their anxiety at the door(wouldn't it be good if we could do that!) Thanks for the laugh xx


My special dietary requirements are sausage rolls :D hope you're having a relaxed Sunday :) xx


I would like a little tipple of babycham

And some creme brûlée. Xxx


Ooh - I might be a bit late for this party - Angel's already onto the dessert!!!

Sorry I missed the main course but I'll have the white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake please :)


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