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L5-S1 spinal fusion

OK everyone, I had my fusion Wednesday the 16th. Yes it is extremely painful but I made it and already feel better. I had 6 screw's 2 pins and a plate installed. That carved a peace of hip bone to help fuse everything. I can't walk too well just yet but really pushing my self. I guess I was scared for nothing. Now, don't take me wrong, it sucks and hurts like hell but I'm a Ranger and can push on. Thanks to all that helped me threw this.

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Hi piper,glad your op went well,and your on the road to recovery.x


Hi piper :-) see the danger is over and you will be feeling back to your old self in no time chasing people all over the place


Hi Piper, I'm glad to hear your op went well.


Hi Piper_Cub.

Glad to hear you have had the op done.Although you are in pain I would like to wish you a speedy recovery and good health in the future.

Take care Kenny


Hey piper.

Well done fella !.

Whats the estimate for you getting back to normal work ?.

I have a date for the pins and plates to be taken out of my foot .

Im going back in may.

Take it easy anyway don't do too much ,


pete .


I was told 6 to 8 months but I am really pushing myself so far and able to walk to the bathroom and back but I will overcome and adapt to this and this time next week I will be walking with it out my granny Walker. LOL, the Army taught me to never give up and you never slow down so I will do everything in my power to do what I need to do to get back to work and support my kids


Well done piper. but don't push yourself too much!.

My back is getting better now , its my foot that's giving trouble, but I suppose that's all to do with balance and weight bearing !,

Plus im an old guy it takes me longer to heal. !

So far ive been away from work 4 and a half months and its bustin my head apart !

you've got to keep positive though.

The guys on this forum have helped a lot in my down days .

Mainly the people that replied to you today .

I can tell you they all think you a brave guy !.

So well done my friend,

let us know how your getting on .

its not too far away from bed time here in the uk so I will leave it there.




Well done you are a brave soul piper an I was freaking out over a bone scan but I did it. Bless you an speedy recovery


I wish you a speedy recovery. xx


Thank you everyone for the prayers and thoughts. I was hard to make my mind to do it but its like being deployed, just do it and get it over with. (lol) it is extremely painful but I'm really pushing my self to get up and walk with my granny walker but hay, I'm doing it. Thanks again everyone


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