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Nap time... Eeeks

After a long day I came home to nap. I woke up sweating and kind of disoriented. After walking around for a few minutes I started feeling out of it, fuzzy headed, agitated, and dizzy. I'm automatically exhausted but scared to go back to sleep in fear I'm going to die in my sleep. Please, any advice will help. I can't visit the ER anymore. Its driving me nuts.

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Hi me :-) that sounds weird saying hi like it was to myself ... Having a one person chat lol anyway ...had a night similar to you actually...woke up sweating even though felt cold, fuzzy head, and couldn't get back to sleep for almost 2 hours so ended up chatting with friends from USA on my chat app comes in very handy as always someone around. I don't really have much advice apart from just try and relax...put your favorite music on with some headphones, close your eyes and soon you will be drifting off in no time


This is just like me :/ theres a lot of stuff ti calm you down and help you sleep, either medication, or natural remedies like herbal tea, i also exhausted due to it all but we need to remember if weve been checked out were fine and need to remember it cant hurt us and although i know its scary the worst that can happen is a panic attack which is bad but far better than anything more serious, a lot of people fear if they sleep they wont wake up you need to remember sometimes sleeps the best thing for us! Hope you slept better x


Hi me,

Last week i woke up feeling like i was about to die and laid there thinking should i call someone, i did finally start taking deep breaths and managed to calm down but i was so scared..

I now know that's the start of my flare, please try and relax, this fibro is so horrible at times and can bring on different pains, I did find a really good web site that lists so many affects of fibro it helped me understand a little bit better i think it was called Expanded list of symptoms of Fibromyalgia i felt like they had written about me, hope this helps you.

Sunshine hugs xxx


Thank you all. I managed to get some sleep and woke up this morning feeling much better.


Try to do something to distract yourself and take your mind off it. I just thought that might help you. All the best.


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