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Very tight throat(possibly related to anxiety)


Hi, for the past 6 or 7 years I have had a constantly tight throat. A good way to describe it would be to say that it feels like that feeling when you are trying to hold back from crying. For a few years, I had kind of gotten used to it and the feeling became normal but recently in the past few months I have been thinking about it so much and when I think about it, I definitely feel it get worse, literally I can feel it tightening more the more I focus on it. I heard that people get this form anxiety , but when they do, they don't feel it constantly do they?? This worries me so much I constantly think about all the things that could b causing this. It could be thyroid stuff. Or muscle spasms or cancer in my throat . Also it's not GERD because I've been taking Prilosec as a test for a week and it does nothing

Someone please give me some input. Also as of the past day or two the back of my tounge hurts like it's sore but not like a sore throat .

Also I'm 18 and a girl I know sometimes that info can help so

Anyone know anything

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I'm replying to you through my own massive panic attack at the moment but hopefully I can make you feel slightly at ease x

A feeling of choking or as you say tightness or slight swelling in the throat is a common symptom of anxiety and is often the first question a dr will ask when they are trying to help you

If you are unfortunate like me yes your symptom could be a continuous thing x

Most symptoms ease after a few hours at most but some people who suffer severe anxiety or panic disorder have the physical symptoms for a long long time my physical symptoms have been continuous for four whole weeks without any easing off x

If you would like reassurance from a dr go see your own gp just to put your mind at rest

I am the worst for disbelieving my own advice (I refuse to believe it's not clinical when it is psychological because I'm a palliative hca training to be a staff nurse-I do my profession no favours the way I carry on sometimes on here! I get myself in such a state I'm a terrible patient!) however I do believe what you suffer is a common sign of anxiety x

Hi there, I have started to feel this symptom in the last few days, it's awful! I've had anxiety/panic attacks for a few years now and thought I'd experienced everything possible ...totally wrong. I don't really have any advice or wise words to offer however it always helps me to know that I'm not the only one going through this, it's difficult but try doing something that distracts you from it,

really hope you're feeling better soon x

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