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Anxiety/panic attack?!?!? Please

Here I am again :( woke up tonight feeling as if a worm was wiggling in my knee and it was painful. Don't know if I yelled or my sons crying woke up because of me... But I got up got him his bottle walked him around and he went back to sleep I was just sitting next to him googling what I felt nothing came up then I felt it dizziness breathing in it felt/feels like I'm not getting enough oxygen for a minute in thought i was going to black out it happened around 530 ( I'm in us) and at times (630 now) I still feel like my body is not getting enough air. My thinking is partial I am getting brain fog. Is it something in my knee that stopped blood from pumping righ (I'm crazy rigt?) or the anxiety?

And as soon as I can in going to doctor to prescribe some different

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Anxiety can definitely affect our breathing. I find concentrating on breathing and trying to slow it down helps. Sorry no suggestion re the knee except again perhaps your body was very tense because of the pain and this can effect your breathing. is the knee an ongoing complaint? If the pain continues I would suggest you go to the doctor.

Hope you feel better soon.




Sorry your not feeling to great:(

Anxiety can do that to you.

Have you tried Mindfulness?

Check out Headspace, it's a very good website that helps with keeping things calm. I do it every morning before the madness starts in our household:))

There is another called

Hope that helps:)

Hugs xx


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