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Just another small problem

Hi Everyone,

I went to my GP yesterday and she was going to write a referral letter to a Private Consultant regarding my bladder. Nearly 4 years ago I woke up one morning and found that my nose stud was not in my nose. I located it later that day inside my nose and tried to get it out with my little fingernail which was quite long. The finger nail broke inside my nose and I could not get that either. I have seen so many Doctors and even had a nose operation to retrieve it. To cut a long story short, I now can feel the nose stud on one side of my nostril and the finger nail on the other side. My Husband says it is gristle but I know what it is but it is embedded now in my nose and such a nuisance that my GP has referred me to ENT to see one of their Doctors I have been there once before but they could not find anything but now I can really feel it.

I have suffered with so many things from having my appendix out when I was 15 up until now when I had the lumpectomy I feel a waste of space, always at the Doctors. No wonder I feel down but my Niece is coming to visit today with her IVF twins who are 2 and one girl and one boy. She lost her first little boy when he was 2 as he had terrible liver problems so I have something to look forward to and internet food shopping.

Have a good Thursday everyone. Sundayschild10 xxx

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I'm a bit confused. Did the operation get the nose stud and nail out?

That is an awful thing to happen to you with the nose stud.

I hope you get sorted with the bladder thing. How lovely seeing your niece and nephew I'm sure they will take your mind off things even if it's for a little while.

Take care xx


I had an operation to take the stud out and was going to have a local injection, instead they put me out and said they could not find anything and this was private. They certainly did not look in the right place. The twins have been round and they live quite close so I am lucky enough to see them quite often. My Sister died of ovarian cancer just before my Niece found out that she was pregnant, such a shame as she would have loved them. Sundayschild10 xxx


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