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Oh dear! Job cetre looming. Now what am I to do?

When things go awry they go good and proper! Last week, my docs appointment got postponed because the doctor was sick! My new appointment is set for Wednesday. No problem, I thought. I seemed to be doing OK because my Propranol had been increased to twice daily and the chest pains and palpitations were under control. The rest would get sorted eventually! I would cope with the dizsiness somehow. I just need a job.

The, last Wednesday, the dizziness got worse and my knees felt spongy and I was just so tired. By 9.30 I was in bed. My knees were swollen, carpal tunnel playing up, joints and feet burning, neck, shoulders, damn!

Next morning, my knees were still swollen, the spongy feeling was affecting my walking and the dizziness still bad. My muscles are weak and my hands ache!

Fine! I was signed onto ESA for a month and only been back on JSA for almost two weeks, but I can't afford not to work.

I have a job centre interview the day before my docs appointment. I can no longer work in a stressful situation and have arthritic hands. That's admin out. I thought maybe a supermarket job, but i can't lift things, have difficulty opening bottles or even opening my car boot. Now the dizziness and joint problems. What on earth am I going to do? My job centre advisor won't be impressed.

Anyone with a brain wave?

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You seem to be in a situation where from what I have read you feel you cant win & I do feel for you

From what you have said about your health & the problems & pain you are in at this moment I cant think of any job that would be suitable & your health has to come first

I can understand the worry of not been able to survive without working , but if that is the case you do manage even though I admit it is not easy , but if you can get some support from your GP you may be able to claim ESA & maybe PIP benefits

There is a post pinned to the side of this page titled ESA & PIP benefit's you press on the link in that post & answer the questions basing them on your worse days when you are in pain you will be able to see from the score if you maybe eligible & then I would ask either the CAB or at your GP'S if they could support you with these claims

I know it must seem very daunting but there will be a way round this & don't worry about the job center adviser ( easier said than done I know ) but remember they are there to do a job tick some boxes & when we walk out again they don't give us another thought !

Sorry this might not be the most helpful answer but wanted to let you know I had read your post & hopefully when other members read it they will have a lot better advise :-)




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Hi there

I think the advise that whywhy has given is very good, I dont really know what else can be added...... its a difficult situation and a vicious circle, the stress of it will not be helping your health.....

But if youre not well enough to work at the min, then your health must come first...........

I think it might be a good idea to look into other benefits and get some help and support with it!!

Remember to look after yourself!!

Take care... xx

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Thank you all so much for your help and advice. I guess it's just one day at a time for all of us here. It just helps so much to have someone to talk to about it because family and friends either worry too much or tend to be blind (maybe they just don't want to face it). On the plus side, I have always believed that things happen for a reason, but I have to be patient to find out what!

Whywhy, you are an insdpiration. You spend so much time here, offering sympathy and advice, what would we do without you? God bless you!

Have a lovely day, everyone.


Thank you :-)

There is always someone on here to talk to that understands

Even if we don't always have the answers , we are very good at listening :-)

Let us know how you get on :-)



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