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Noisy kids!

There`s a couple who live at the other end of my landing in the block where I live, & they have a daughter about 8 years old. She regularly has friends over to play, & they run up & down the landing screaming, shouting & giggling. It drives me up the wall! Why can`t she go to one of the local parks instead of treating the flats as a playground? Also, these flats were designed mainly for singles & couples, not for families. I so wish that the housing association would move these people out so I don`t have to listen to their noisy brat!

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Hey there:)

Oh dear that's annoying !!!

It would drive me up the wall too.

Can you not write to the housing people? After all I'm sure there has to be certain rules to abide by.

Hope you have a quieter evening:)




I can imagine how it must drive you mad , it would me & like you say these are meant more for singles or couples

I think the problem housing have is there are so many need housing they are putting them in flats rather than them been homeless or in B & B's as houses don't seem to be coming available for families

Maybe because of how things are out there the parents don't feel safe letting them out to the park on their own but I know all this doesn't help you

Have you had a word with the parents & told them how this is causing you so much disturbance , sometimes that is all what is needed & they maybe devastated to know it is causing you distress but if not then as Yummi says I would keep a record of how much & what times as well as how long you are having to put up with this & contact the housing association

Good Luck I hope you can resolve it , I have had noisey neighbors before & I know it is not nice





You could write the family a note explaining your problem. Keep a record of it and the noise then you have some evidence to give to the housing association.

I hope it gets sorted soon. Take care xx


Hi there, I am an environmental health officer for a local authority and as part of my role I deal with neighbourhood noise complaints and enforce the appropriate laws in relation to this.

Your first step is speak to the neighbour if you feel able. The second is contact the housing association who should be able to speak to the tenant that is causing the problem. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive then contact the environmental health dept at your local authority.

The standard procedure is for them to then contact the housing association to ascertain what they have done and who the neighbour is. They will provide you with diary sheets to record when the noise occurs, what it is, and most importantly how it affects your life. This is important as this diary sheet acts as a witness statement should the case come to court (highly unlikely). After you complete the diaries and send them back an officer will assess them to determine whether the noise constitutes a 'statutory nuisance' as prescribe by the environmental protection act of 1990. If it might they will put recording equipment in your home for you to record the noise next door. If it is a nuisance then an Abatement Notice will be served to require them to stop the noise. If this notice is ignored they will be prosecuted.

That is the process in a nutshell but it hardly ever goes all the way. A gentle word from the housing association regarding terms of tenancy or a quiet word and letter from EH dept is enough.

Don't suffer in silence.

Hope this helps. X

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Nothing more annoying than noisy neighbours. My heart goes out to you. It can be very difficult to deal with. Julie xx


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