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Hello :-)

Hello :-)

Hi all,

How is everyone? Hope you're all doing okay.

I seem to have a habit of disappearing on and off here, sorry about that. Will try and get more involved with discussions and stuff.

On a positive note, my assessment for therapy is on the 11th Feb. I've also started volunteering properly - had my first "official" session yesterday. Just got to get started with my next module for my degree this week - I've been allocated a tutor and my lectures are at a local university. Eek. Little bit scared I must admit but the first one isn't until March so no need to think about it yet.

I think I'm making some sort of progress which is good :-)

I saw this quote earlier and I thought I would share. "No matter how dark, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel." Perhaps we should have some sort of positive quotes thread? If there isn't one already of course :-)

Sending lots of virtual hugs to everyone on here.

Megy xxx

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Hi Megy

Lovely to see your post & so positive things seem to be falling into place & well done :-)

Would love to see you about on here when you have the time & it is great for others to be able to read how someone is making progress like yourself ,it proves it can be done , no matter how long it takes there is light at the end of the tunnel :-)





Hi Megy, it really doesn't matter how many times you pop in you are always welcome. It's lovely to see your positives.

Take care x


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