DSS has screwwed up again!

My hardship payment was overdue last week, it should have arrived on the monday, but didn`t so I had to go to a food bank or I`d have starved. I rang them up on thursday to find out what the hell had happened to my money, & was told that the payment hadn`t been sent out, no explanation why, but at least they put the money into my bank account 3 hours later. If they can put the money through that quickly, then why do claimants have to wait 3 working days after signing on for their benefits? The end result of this delay was that I had a letter from my bank saying that I`ll be charged for an overdraft because they had to pay a direct debit bill when my account was empty. If my money had arrived on time, I wouldn`t have been overdrawn! Why are the DSS so incompetent?

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  • Hi I wish I could answer why they are so incompetent but I cant !

    I know what you mean about waiting 3 days , I know someone that signs on a Wednesday & because they say it is 3 working days they don't get paid till the Monday which is actually 5 days after they signed on !!!!

    Could you possibly phone your bank & see if they will waver the chargers , explain the circumstances & sometimes they can be understanding , its worth a try !

    Take Care




  • I`m signing on this wednesday, & I`ll call in at the bank & try & see if they`ll waive the charge. I do wish that I could change my signing day, because I have to wait 5 days to be paid, & it`s a pain having to wait that long.

  • Hi

    Sorry your day is a Wednesday , this might be contributing to why you keep struggling even though what you get its hard not to struggle anyway because of the extra 2 days you have to wait making five days in all is a long time to wait !

    Good luck at the bank , I really do hope you get someone thoughtful , I do know or it used to be at their discretion that they can waver chargers so if the assistant isn't helpful ask to speak to a manager , they may say they will say the same , but say you don't care you would still like to speak to one !

    Let us know how you get on


  • Hi

    Although it is the responsibility of DSS to make the payments it is the government's fault for messing with the system if it were left to them no body would get benefit, it's a case of I'm all right jack none of them has had to exsist on a low income they only have £66.000 a year to live on.

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