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The voice :-)

So the voice starts at 7, I can't wait. My mate got me watching it last year wen she was done here. So it was half way thou by the time I watch it. Other half as gone to bingo and I've got to run round the corner to get some gas before I can settle down for the night.

As for anxiety had it before and while I was at bingo this afternoon. I have been doing moodgym on the internet and now wen I get anxious I write down the way it's making me feel. Then I question it like if I feel foggy headed I will write down feeling abit anxious and like I've a foggy head. Then I will write I feel like it a lot wen I'm thinking of how I feel in the bingo. As I get that a lot wen I'm out and about. Then I will write uve felt foggy head on and off since anxiety started but as does anything bad happen? No that's because what you think is what you feel. This cannot harm u it anxiety and it cannot harm u. Anyway I'm off to shop xxx

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Hi Dona.

Yes the time is upon us and whywhy is upstairs prettying herself up for Mr I AM lol we will get no sense out of her till about wednesday. Good luck with the moodgym I hope it works for you enjoy your nights viewing.

Kenny xxxx


wish I could watch this properly - kids havoc...loved little Anna the most so far :)

sam xx


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