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This is my first post and wandered if anybody could help me. After 20 years of having my anxiety under control the monster has returned. I was prescribed mitazapin 15mg and for the first two weeks the medication was great but as the anxiety progressed the dosage was increased to 30mg. I now have experienced shaking, heightened anxiety,sleep difficulty and headaches. Should i carry on with the higher dosage as i have only been taking it a couple of nights or go back to the lower dose? Thanks for listening, hope someone can help.

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  • Hi & welcome

    Personally I think the best thing to do is try & get in to see your GP tomorrow ask for an emergency appointment if you have to & tell them how you feel

    Sounds like the higher dose might me making you feel this way , but it could settle down after you adjust to them but it is your GP who would be the best person to who could advise you

    Keep talking on here & you will not feel alone anymore with your anxiety & will get lots of support :-)

    Let us no how you get on




  • Helps to talk , thanks for the reply got an appointment next week to see doctor so maybe take medication until then and hope that they sort themselves out

  • Hi

    If you are struggling before your appointment you could maybe ask if it is possible to speak to the GP on the telephone , or if you phone your chemist the pharmacist are trained & very good on giving advice regarding medications & I have always found them helpful if I am not sure :-)


  • Hi

    I take 45mg at night of mirtazapine.......... I have always been fine on this and find it has a calming effect and helps with sleeping too.....But its different for everyone so if youre worried I think its best to see gp!!

    Youre not alone though now so keep posting as this will help ;-)


  • hi, o/h been on them for 9 months now, was exactly the same for a few weeks, found symptoms died down after 3 weeks, now on 50mg at night , great at night they help her sleep, but I would always contact your gp if your a bit concerned about experiencing difficulties with them ,good luck. xx

  • feeling crap not had any sleep at all and the knot in my stomach is getting tighter and tighter. Feel i can't talk to husband although he is very supportive he looks very worried himself and don't won't to add to this. If only i could go back to feeling how i did two months ago. dreading going back to doctor because he will only change my tablets and the whole process will start again . One benefit calm web site is really good thanks must stay strong x

  • Hi

    Sorry you haven't slept well & the lack of sleep doesn't help our anxiety !

    Two months is not very long , to start feeling yourself again can take longer in most cases but little steps & things will improve & if you feel you don't want to burden your husband with everything keep coming on here & talking :-)

    Tell your GP how you feel if you can & tell them as well how you feel about all this med changing , I think as they are a GP we can sometimes think we have to accept what they give us & say nothing but we are their patients & without patients they would be without a job, so as long as we are polite we do have that right to say how we feel about any treatment they may be offering us

    Good luck & let us know how you get on :-)


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