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gary barlow

hi all, I know its not an anxiety question, but has anyone watched the gary barlow in Afghanistan tonight ? we both had tears in our eyes when we watched the show, how very brave our soldiers ( men/women ) are .when he sang with them about coming home to be with their loved ones it was too much, they are so brave, lets hope we get them all home where they belong, it made living with anxiety so much easier to bear. thinking of you all. love jasper xxx

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Hello Mr & Mrs Newton

I have taped it & going to watch it in a minute -)

Sounds like it is going to be good from what you have said & no doubt I will be having a few tears !

Gary Barlow has really come into his own as he has got older , he is one of those men that has got better with age I think , but its still Will-i-am for me :-)





. hi adopted one, think you will enjoy, he comes across as a lovely normal guy, let me know what you think. hope you and your family are well. all our love the newts xxx


adopted one here , just finished watching & I have been in floods of tears

I cant really add more to what you have already said as it is so true

It really started me of when he was doing the concert & the messages & even pictures the soldiers were holding up for their family just made you realize how much they sacrifice , I really don't know how they do it !



As a wife of a soldier thank you. They do make a lot if sacrifices as do their families left at home to carry on with normality. Thinking of all those that are away at this time and their families. xx



What an uplifting programme that was, our troops so needed that boost, and aren't talented off duty to.

I like Gary Barlow and he has gone up in my estimation. I too wish all our troops, who as you said, work so hard, a safe journey home.

Eunice xx


yes i watched it .... inspirational xxx


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