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Frustrating appointment with GP!

Hi everyone. Thought I'd update people and have a rant! Went to GP to talk about my continual crushing headaches which I think may be anxiety related. He was pretty unsympathetic. 'What would you like me to do?' he asks. I don't bloody know, you're the medical professional! He prescribed me Sumatriptan just because I asked for it! I had to insist that he refer me to the Migraine Clinic in Glasgow and said he didn't think it would be any help. His reasoning is that I'm already being seen by the Pain Clinic. Although, as I said, I suspect my headaches are anxiety related, I feel that it would help to at least speak to a headache specialist to see what they think! I'd appreciate thoughts from other people.

Wishing everyone a nice and, hopefully, anxiety free Xmas!

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Hi Neil

Well doctors must all have the same script , mine always says what would you like me to do for you & I think the same , how do I no you are the doctor !!!

I thought pain clinic was for your body in general & migraine clinics were for headaches , but like I said I am not a doctor but that's the impression I have always had

I suffer with migraines on a regular basis so I can sympathize when it comes to headaches , I went to see a neurologist over mine , not that they were much help

I think you have a right to be referred if that's what you want , they are apprehensive now a days about referring people because I think it costs the surgery if they do & I have found you have to push for it

I needed to be referred to the eye clinic , one GP in the surgery refused me & then I went back again & insisted she still wasn't happy & said well I will but I shall say I don't agree with it in my referral , I said fine , just refer me

Then I went & saw a different doctor in the same surgery & told her what the other one had said & she said really well I shall be referring you & saying I do agree with you needing treatment so if you want to be referred then keep asking or see a different GP & point out it's your rights

The headaches though no doubt will be anxiety related but I also know how much we need that peace of mind





Hi, thanks for reply. Yes all you say is right, it's his total lack of empathy that riles! I don't think I've got anything seriously wrong but feel that a headache specialist may have a better insight into my options that a gp might have. Anyway thanks again for your thought, all the best for Xmas.


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