I did it - part 2

After the effort and the excitement of the concert comes the dd xmas play...as you can guess I did it, but I was still suffering from Sunday and now I have the worst case of IBS for a few years with the hardest 2 weeks of the year to come - worth it but boy will I need a holiday and soon...hope to use some of the tips from the strains of xmas posts ;)

sam xx


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7 Replies

  • Look after yourself and take care xx

  • Hi Sam

    Well done ,I knew you could do it & hope you enjoyed the play :-)

    Its a slight relief reading your post , it will be a week today since I went to my concert & since with the stress of Christmas & other things happening I am suffering with my stomach as well today & this feels the worse flare up I have had in ages , so even though I don't like to think anyone else is suffering your post has helped to no it's not just me !

    Hope it settles soon :-)




  • O dear ru ok love ,it's not just me then ,with this tummy thing,still feel nausea all the time,doc told me to go back and she would do bloods etc,I'm getting fed up with it now,feel really down with it

  • Hi meg

    My stomach is in a mess at the moment ,not sure if its this bug or anxiety causing my IBS to flare up

    I understand how it makes you feel fed up

    Hope you feel better soon :-)


  • O dear sorry to hear that,,got to see doc tomoz,the nurses at the hospital said thers an awfull lt of tummy bugs about more than usual,will let u know tomoz wat doc says, hugs xxxx

  • Will look out for you posting how you go on :-)


  • Ok got an 8.50 app in the morning,hope she can give me something

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