I'm back :-)

Hello all just clicked on other site and saw whywhys post. Yippee we r all back :-) I have been rebooting and feeling so much better :-) so I scared myself stupid wen I wrote that last post, that's wat u get wen googleing. I've put a ban up again on that. Thursday I had a fall, there's a claim in for that. A stump broken and who falls ova it......ME. It's dangerous to anyone so making sure sumthing is done about it. Anyway I hurt my wrist but getting better now. They also had to scan me on a little portable scanner to make sure they cud c the babys heart flicking. Was fine ;-) they did tell me that they don't do close up on it as the prober scanning machines in maternity r alot better. We'll the baby looked like a chicken......seriously. So all I did all night was worry that there was sumthing wrong. Same all day friiday as well. Friday night after studying none stop the picture my mate took I realised I cud make out most parts of the pic and the mire I looked the less like a chicken the baby looked. So ova the wkend my anxiety started subsiding. I've my dating scan on wednesday which I'm excited but scared about. Once I know everything is fine and how many wks along I am I will feel alot better. I will post the pic and let u all know how it goes wen I get back from the scan.



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4 Replies

  • Hey Donna, good to see you, glad you've put a google ban in place to, good for you :)

    Sorry to hear about your fall, couldn't help laughing at the 'chicken' though :D

    Can't wait to hear the results of your scan on Wed. how exciting !

    Take care of yourself


  • hi donaf, glad you have put the ban on google ( too much information ) sorry to hear about the fall, so glad all is ok with the baby, lovely to hear from you again. xxx

  • Your 'chicken ' will be the most beautiful baby ever.....

    I sometimes have trouble with those scans but when I saw the first one of my grand daughter to be I fell in love even if she was only very , very tiny.

    Glad that you didn't hurt yourself too badly.

    Look forward to hearing when baby is due. Love Julie xx

  • Hi Donna

    You did make me laugh when you said the baby looked like a chicken , like Julie I no he/she will be beautiful , just look at your boys , they are handsome :-)

    Hope you wrist is feeling better & cant wait to hear how your scan goes !




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