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I'm back :-)

Hello all just clicked on other site and saw whywhys post. Yippee we r all back :-) I have been rebooting and feeling so much better :-) so I scared myself stupid wen I wrote that last post, that's wat u get wen googleing. I've put a ban up again on that. Thursday I had a fall, there's a claim in for that. A stump broken and who falls ova it......ME. It's dangerous to anyone so making sure sumthing is done about it. Anyway I hurt my wrist but getting better now. They also had to scan me on a little portable scanner to make sure they cud c the babys heart flicking. Was fine ;-) they did tell me that they don't do close up on it as the prober scanning machines in maternity r alot better. We'll the baby looked like a chicken......seriously. So all I did all night was worry that there was sumthing wrong. Same all day friiday as well. Friday night after studying none stop the picture my mate took I realised I cud make out most parts of the pic and the mire I looked the less like a chicken the baby looked. So ova the wkend my anxiety started subsiding. I've my dating scan on wednesday which I'm excited but scared about. Once I know everything is fine and how many wks along I am I will feel alot better. I will post the pic and let u all know how it goes wen I get back from the scan.


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Hey Donna, good to see you, glad you've put a google ban in place to, good for you :)

Sorry to hear about your fall, couldn't help laughing at the 'chicken' though :D

Can't wait to hear the results of your scan on Wed. how exciting !

Take care of yourself



hi donaf, glad you have put the ban on google ( too much information ) sorry to hear about the fall, so glad all is ok with the baby, lovely to hear from you again. xxx


Your 'chicken ' will be the most beautiful baby ever.....

I sometimes have trouble with those scans but when I saw the first one of my grand daughter to be I fell in love even if she was only very , very tiny.

Glad that you didn't hurt yourself too badly.

Look forward to hearing when baby is due. Love Julie xx


Hi Donna

You did make me laugh when you said the baby looked like a chicken , like Julie I no he/she will be beautiful , just look at your boys , they are handsome :-)

Hope you wrist is feeling better & cant wait to hear how your scan goes !





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