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Your thoughts?

Okay I'll keep the short and sweet...some of you folks know the deal with regards to my break up...was only 2-3 months ago so I'm still pretty in the love with my ex(was on and off for 8 years) so I'm trying to not be in love but anyway that was just a yes I've been asked out on a date on Saturday night and yes I do quite like this person but I want to it fair to go out on a date with someone know full well you are gonna be wishing it was someone else or is that all part of getting to know someone new and moving on?


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I always say you don't know until you try x I have no doubt that some small part of you will always love you ex when people are a big part of our lives they remain so in some ways x And 3 months is still very new x I say go on the date, why not, you are not promising anything you are merely going out with a friend for now x You may actually find that you don't think of your ex as you are having to much of a nice time x but then again if you know afterwards that its to soon that's fine to xx It,s one night or the starto f many more good ones xxx


Ashley, I say go , you are not committed to anything, just out with a friend, as that's what you are at this stage. :)





evening Ashley,

Give it a go I say, It is nice to be asked out and as you said you like this person as well, so that's got to be a plus.

just have a nice time and relax and see how it go's.

gardener x


I'm with the GO vote, on this! As already said, it's just a night out. But what a terrific confidence booster, to be asked out on a date! Lucky you :) Now, what are you going to wear? :) :) :)

Love & Hugs x


Hi Ashley

You never know going out with someone else might help you to start getting over your ex, you might just have a bit of fun or they could end up being the one, you never know. Sounds like you both like each other so I'd say go, it can't do any harm.

Hope you have a good time

Jules x


Hi Ashley :)

I'd say, if you feel ready to let someone new into your life, even if it only turns out to be casual/a friend, then I'd say open your mind to the possibility :) But if you're still in the phase where you can't go a few hours without your ex being on your mind or if you still feel hurt/tearful about the break up then it's possibly too soon.

Someone asked me out just for a casual drink about a month after I broke up with a boyfriend. I accepted at first because it was nice to feel desirable, even if it was only a friendly thing, but I soon realised I wasn't nearly ready because I still ached to have my ex back in my life and I knew being out with another guy from the past (friend or otherwise) would be too hard. This isn't meant to discourage you, by the way! I just thought it might be a helpful example. I think the timing is important, it's all about if you feel free and keen to meet new people. Look after YOU first :)

Wishing you well :)

Katy xxx


this sounds very much like my sisters wedding. I dreaded going even refused to go a few times because of what I expected to happen (wont go into detail) but I went and actually enjoyed myself. you never know when you get to your date you may just forget about the ex then you get to the end of the night and think "oh..." id say go out let your hair down, if it doesn't work out at least you had a night out :)

hope if you do decide to go you have an amazing time xxx


Hello everyone

Thank you so much for your replies...I've given it a lot of thought and decided you are all completely right..there is nothing wrong with going out with this person I suppose it doesn't need to mean it has to turn I to something serious.

I will be sure to post about how it all went, hopefully this time on Sunday I will be telling you it all went great :-)


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I agree with all the others. Let us know how it goes.


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