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self-harming and suicide my dark friends

Ive in some way or another suffered from thoughts of self harm and suicide, but recently I have decied to accept them as part of my life.

When I look back I have come to realise that if i do not cut my self that i have consciously or unconsciously done things to my own body that caused a lot of pain.

and these are counted by people as iam accident prone, my falling while rock climbing hot glue in my hands the 3rd dagree burns on my arm.

but why post them up is simple to quote tow of my favourite books, "Secrets that are born in the dark and shrink in the light do not deserve to exist.",

"The mind as no grater accuser then its self."

By posting this i steel the power these thoughts have over me when iam in my down period.

and Theres always the hope to help some one else.

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Hello Thomas. I love those quotes. I think I'll get them printed off and displayed where I can see them. They resonate on so many levels. Suicidal thoughts always seem to creep up in the darkest moments of life, but I've always kept them to thoughts, and never acted on those urges.

I've never consciously self harmed, perhaps because I dislike pain, but on reflection, there have been many instances in my youth were I threw caution to the wind... and paid the penalty with injuries. However, my mind has conjured up many a scenario that has caused me great anxiety, so on that level, those words are striking home.

Hoping you are well, and thank you for sharing :)

Love & Hugs x


Yes iam feeling better In a good place at the moment and id like to stay there for as long as possibale.

what I have found is that Urges are power full things Ive found as long as the urges stay in my mind and I dount act on them the "safer" I amthe only thing that scares me is one day my mind will stop feeling the urges because ive decide to act on them.


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