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forgot my anniversary

for the first time in 46 years I forgot our anniversary, I even have it ringed in my diary, have been so occupied with the death of my father and my mother going into a home that I just forgot, ( no excuse ) have apologised and she says she understands the stress I have been under , ( still feel crap tho ) how can I make it up to her, any suggestions?.

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Hello Mr Newton :-)

Well this is a little whoops but I am sorry to read about the loss of your Father & your Mum having to go in a home , I no you say you cant used it as an excuse , but I personally think you can !

You must have been under so much stress & pressure not to mention emotions !

Mrs Newton knows how special you are & how much you love her , the way you have been there over the last 46 years shows that !

Please dont feel crap

Now I am not sure what she likes , but it can sometimes be the simplest gestures that make me feel loved rather than the grand ones !

I remember one year my hubby forgot to get me a Christmas card , he disappeared up stairs & then I was about to sit down later & there was a card he had made & he had wrote his own verse in side as well , it didnt rhyme at all but they were his words & they were extra special !

I have kept that card , it meant more to me than any bought one he could have ever got as it took a lot more thought , time & trouble & love , I no it wouldnt have come easy to him to make that either !

Wish I could have been more help , someone might have better suggestions when they read you post , hope so :-)

Happy Anniversary To A Lovely Couple !





hi whywhy, thank you for your reply, what a lovely bloke you have, that's a lovely story, am not great with poems, so just rang some close friends to arrange a nice meal out tomorrow, I know she loves their company as well, sure we will have a lovely time. hope you are well. (not long now.)xxx


He isnt great with poems either . believe me :-D

Thats what made it special though , it was from the heart & you could tell , only he could have written what he did :-/

That sounds lovely though , she will really enjoy it , I hope you both have a lovely time :-)



That sounds perfect xx


thanks winter am sure we will have a lovely time. xx


Sounds like a lovely idea for your wife. And , I think anyone would forgive you for forgetting given the stress you have been under. Enjoy your night out. xx


thank you jeffju I will. xx


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