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the sickness drags on :(

finally started to look forward to going to my fave convention on Sunday...the toddler is back to his terrible self...looking good...until the girl comes home from school and was promptly sick... :(

logically this must be it as there are no more children to get sick, yet i'm still fearful even though logic would dictate if adults could get it we would have had it by now as it has been in this place for nearly 2 weeks....grrrrrrr...this has to be the slowest moving bug I've ever heard of

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Hi lady, what a nightmare for you, I really hope the bug takes off soon, some of the bugs do stick to children only, fingers crossed for you. and all will be gone soon :)





That`s an annoying feature of these stomach bugs, they`re so persistent, & just keep going round & round for weeks on end. I call stomach flu the gift that keeps on giving!


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